What is compassionate health education?

Compassionate Health Education, also known as CHE, is a movement that aims to promote effective patient care as a result of practicing “kinder more heart centred education”.

This international collaboration of health care educators focusses on allowing kindness and compassion to be a “primary foundation” for all education in health settings, rather than simply an optional extra.

The space of CHE as a landscape fertile for networks of people within the health education community who are heart centred in their approach. It is a space where innovation is supported and championed, recognising the diversity of clinical learning environments that exist globally, and even locally within a single hospital or clinic.

It aims to translate existing knowledge on this topic into practice local by highlighting the effort of individuals and systems where compassion in health education is being championed. A collection of strategies and tools will be highlighted which include self awareness and mindfullness training, workplace wellbeing, non-violent communication, debriefing with good judgement, and promotion of a culture of respect and gratitude for the simple thints that are constantly occurring even in very challenging workplace environments.

The success of what CHE brings will likely be related to the effort and interaction on the ground – so why not be part of the change that inspires a brighter health care world for our future generations!